bonjourno principessa;

i do not flip flop

i’m pretty much in a constant state of thinking atlstuck is dumb;; we were in fact voted to worst subfandom before, it isn’t a huge secret that the group as a whole pisses me off

it isn’t personal and it’s rarely individual people, but as a whole the group has this hivemind of being dumb as shit

the prepaying is one of those things that, yeah, is very aggravating because everyone loves bitching about promstuck getting canceled and how other subfandoms are better but no one is willing to try improving things

but yeah i obviously despise you guys so much since my friends and i keep putting on meets for everyone and trying to make them awesome

trust me that isn’t how i deal with people who are bugging me

scurry off little one you are in way over your head if you have to be on anon to confront me